Interview: Kyle Talkington


When I approached the ONE Dallas Chapter to inquire about volunteering opportunities, I got in touch with Kyle Talkington, ONE’s Congressional District Leader. Not only did he provide me with […]

4G For Charity – Abi Ferrin

4G for Charity - Verizon Wireless & Modern Luxury Dallas

A while back, I was looking into Dallas fashion designers to find out about our local’s best, and one of the designers I found most appealing was Abi Ferrin. She […]

The Beginning of the End

One - The campaign to make poverty history

The Beginning of the End Don’t let the dramatic title of this entry trick you into thinking it’s some reference to the apocalypse (which thankfully didn’t happen yet). It’s rather […]

Remind Me

Remind Me

The song Remind Me Who I Am by Jason Gray pierced straight through my soul when I heard it for the first time in my car, and became the soundtrack […]

Road to Matehuala


Rising Eyes of Texas by Marcos Hernandez What traversed in between the time that I first came to the United States and became a legal resident was a mediocre attempt […]

Laugh If Thou Art Wise

Laugh If Thou Art Wise

“Laughter(n): the tangible evidence of hope.” This is how Michael Junior describes the word laughter. Junior is a comedian who uses laughter as a tool for healing, and is gifted in […]