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1) Destination I would choose to go to if I had a travel voucher of any value:
Outer space

2) Age I would choose to be forever if I could:

3) First thing I bought with my own money:
Men In Black CD single by Will Smith

4) Favorite place to be:

5) Superpower I would like to have:
Fluently speaking every existing language including dialects

6) What makes me nervous:
Public speeches and public toilets

7) Favorite time of the year:

8) Fictional character I would like to meet:
Forrest Gump

9) Historic event I would have liked to witness:
The first moon landing

10) Is a picture worth a thousand words?
Yes, and sometimes ten thousand

My every day objects

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  1. Peter Helms says:

    Hi there Juliana,
    Daniël actually my nephew and he told me to look at your website which I like a lot. Yu are living in Dallas,TX, I hear, and Daniel is leaving for china. I have been in Dallas quite a bit, teaching mainly at a BDTS of YWAM. Maybe you heard of them. Anyway, thought it is nice to connect. My wife and I have recently moved from Canada to South Africa where we are starting a new ministry. A lot of fun and a few challenges. We are also on Facebook, under Anne-Marie Helms and under my own name. You can beforend us if you like. Lots of blessing on what you do, and who knows will we meet some day. Peter

    • Juliana says:

      Hi Peter! So excited you made it to this site all the way from South Africa! Daniel did tell me lots of good things about you & hopes to travel as much as you do :) My sister actually attended a YWAM conference in Hawaii a while back, but I would love to hear more about your teaching! I wish you all the best in all you do, and certainly hope to meet you some day!

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