Matt Nix Band

Matt Nix Band

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You’d be happily surprised at the things you find out about your friends when you make a conscious effort to keep learning new things about/from them. That they’re in a band for instance.

What’s the main inspiration for your music?

The main inspiration for me is doing something I love and chasing a dream I have had forever. Music to me has a way of bringing people together and that is what really inspires me to write. I want our music to be fun, enjoyable, and either help people remember good times in their lives or provide hope that there are better days ahead.

What makes the Matt Nix Band distinct and unique?

First of all, I think our music is a bit different from other country bands in that it is more positive and wholesome in nature. Secondly, a majority of the band members actually don’t listen to much country music, and we all listen to a wide range of musical styles. I think that gives us a unique take on things because we’re bringing all these diverse influences with us as we make country music. Even if it’s not intentional, those influences affect the way we approach everything from song construction to the sound of the instruments.

What are some of the things you want to share with listeners through your music?

Our songs talk a lot about love, hope, encouragement, and enjoying life. Songs like “Don’t Get Rid of a Good Thing” and “Southern Queen” are about how even when love is not easy there is something great on the other side of all that hard stuff. “Forever” and “Ava” are very personal songs for me because I wrote them for my wife and daughter and they reflect my view on the meaning of true love. “Seasons” is another song that falls into that category. And finally, “Summertime” is a fun tune that brings back fond memories of days gone by.

The band recently participated in the Shiner Rising Star Competition, what’s the next step, where’s your band headed?

Right now, it’s tough to tell. We all have either other careers, families, or both. We are just taking it one opportunity at a time and I’m loving every minute. Getting to a point where we can play full time would be ideal, but right now this whole thing is about having fun playing music, getting better at our craft, and pursuing dreams. Whether we “make it big” or not, we’re enjoying the ride.

How did the band start?

It all started with me playing music in my classroom. After playing for one class a student came up to me and said, “Coach, you’re a pretty good math teacher, but you’re better at the guitar. You really should be doing what you love.”

I took his advice and started looking for opportunities to play at open mics and stuff like that. One thing led to another and I ended up winning a songwriter contest which allowed me to open for Radney Foster in Fort Worth. At that point, I was sold and knew I had to get a band together. Luckily for me, I had some musician friends from college and a buddy from church that were itching to get back into a group. We started practicing, and with the help of some key people in the Dallas music scene and a little persistence, we had a pretty full schedule this summer. It’s been crazy how quickly everything has started rolling and I really hope it doesn’t stop anytime soon!
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