Daniël Rits

Daniël Rits

Photo by Daniël Rits

Daniël Rits is a friend I’ve known for a little over a decade, and even though saying that makes me feel a tiny bit old, I share so many memories with him that still make me smile ear to ear. His passion for unveiling the mysteries of the earth perfectly explains his choice for an academic career in geology. His love for exploring mother nature further developed into a zeal for photography. His photographs so eloquently capture the details of nature’s unique structures – take a look at the pictures below, and you’ll see.

The feature photograph was taken in China where he is currently doing research on the natural variability of the East Asian monsoon and its impact on terrestrial environments during the past 25 million years. I’ll patiently and eagerly wait my turn to see the beauty of China through his lens, and to hear about his adventures in the world’s second largest country and findings as a geologist.

Ny Ålesund - Kongsfjorden view



Daniël Rits Photography


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  1. Peter Helms says:

    Great pics Daniel!

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